About Us

Who are we?

We are Kolt and Deanna Martin, a fun-loving and easygoing married couple from Chicago, IL. As a couple, we decided to make travel a priority in our lives. We try to intentionally push ourselves out of our comfort zones and allow experiencing the world through new lenses to shape who we become. Along the way we have met amazing people, learned from wonderful cultures and explored unforgettable places.

The Blog

Our goal for making this blog was to create a fun and easy way for friends, family, and anyone else, to follow our travels and keep up with what we're doing. We want this to be an honest and real look into our experiences with the highs, the lows, and the bloopers in-between.

Most of the writing on places we visit is done by Deanna while Kolt handles the lofty task of tasting and critiquing the variety of foods we encounter. We'd love to hear from you in the comments or through the contact section. Enjoy!

Kolt Martin

I'm UI/UX Designer and I am originally from Michigan. I love to design intuitive, easy to use websites and apps. I was also a soccer player for most of my life and I love to play whenever I get the chance. I also love Star Wars, good food, and my wife Deanna.

Deanna Martin

Originally from New England but having spent 10 years in Chicago, I'm a hybrid. A Physician Assistant by profession, I love medicine and most things science-y (not space though, I'm apathetic about space). I also love trees, the ocean, languages, and the vast array of people throughout this breathtaking world of ours.

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