Kottu Rotti in Sri Lanka

It’s a burrito. It’s a salad. It’s a stir fry. It’s Kottu Rotti.

This dish is made up of fried vegetables and chopped up rotti (thin tortilla-like bread). The vegetables include carrots, chives and onions. This spices were very mild which was a nice break from the intense flavors of India. There was also some fried egg thrown in for extra flavor.

Sri Lanka, like India, has a lot of curry so this dish was a nice, authentic, non-curry dish that we could enjoy when we needed something less rich. My favorite thing about this dish was the lightness of it. I was able to eat a really big plate of it but not feel overly stuffed afterward.

The preparation for this dish is pretty cool to see and hear. The cook puts all of the ingredients along with the rotti on a huge grill and uses a crazy fast, rhythmic chopping technique to combine the ingredients into a single dish. It was really impressive to watch and the sound of this chopping can be heard throughout the town from all the different restaurants that serve it.

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